Worldwide Janitor Adds Trojan Masonry Sealer to Wholesale Line of Products

Trojan Masonry SealerApril 7, 2015, New Orleans, LA — Worldwide Janitor announced today that they would add Trojan Masonry Sealer ( to their line of wholesale products available for purchase online. Trojan Sealer strengthens, densifies, waterproofs, and protects a variety of surfaces without changing the color or texture of the surface. It is also non-toxic and environmentally safe.

Although the product name implies that it is designed for use with masonry, it can be used on virtually any porous surface. Common surface uses include concrete, brick, and stone. Porous surfaces are at high risk of deterioration due to regular use and weathering over time. Repeated penetration of the surface by water, oil, and contaminants deteriorates surface quality, reducing the lifespan of the surface. Trojan Masonry Sealer extends the life of these surfaces, saving facilities thousands of dollars a year in repair and maintenance costs.

One of the most popular uses for Trojan Masonry Sealer is to protect against the damaging “freeze thaw” process, in which water repeatedly freezes and thaws within the voids of porous surfaces. Even in regions with more moderate climates, this process is one of the primary causes of cracks, fragmenting, and abrasions in concrete and other porous surfaces.

Trojan Masonry Sealer is an extremely effective waterproofing agent. Unlike most waterproof sealers, Trojan Masonry Sealer does not make surfaces slippery. This feature makes Trojan Masonry Sealer ideal for sealing pool and hot tub decks, locker rooms, and restrooms. It provides a 15-year warranty from the manufacturer guaranteeing waterproofing for up to 15 years.

Worldwide Janitor is an online distributor of high-quality wholesale janitorial and facility maintenance products at discount prices. It is perfect for facility managers and others interested in purchasing products in bulk.

Prior to the launch of Worldwide Janitor in January 2013, bulk purchasing involved a plethora of phone calls to salespeople and freight companies in order to get the best price on products and freight. Worldwide Janitor put an end to that time consuming process by offering a shopping cart with a built in freight truck shipping estimator, and bulk pricing discounts published for everyone to see.

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