Keeping Tires Well-Maintained Protects Against Deterioration

153178736If your company depends on a delivery fleet to provide service to customers or transport products, then you know how important tires are. Day after day employees get in and out of vehicles to make their deliveries but most never think about the condition of the tires until there is a problem and they are stranded on the side of the road.

Keeping tires cleaned and well-maintained can go a long way to extend their life. In addition, as you are bent down cleaning the rubber and rims, you will be more likely to notice potential problems, like excessive wear and tear, before a blow-out or other catastrophe occurs.

Start with high quality products. If you arm yourself with tools that make cleanups simple and time-efficient, the job is practically already halfway done. Professional cleaning suppliers like Worldwide Janitor, carry complete lines of wholesale, commercial  automotive cleansers that are sure to help. At Worldwide Janitor, you will find an array of products from the Snee Chemical Company that are formulated for many different applications.

Start with a good basic cleaner. Snee Chemical Company makes an exceptional product called Real White Tire Cleaner that is formulated to restore dirty white sidewalls. To use, just spray or paint directly on tires and then rinse off completely with plain water.

Rise and shine. If you’re washing the entire delivery vehicle, start with the wheels and tires first. Begin the process by rinsing the area to remove any loose dirt and grime. Grab a soft bristle brush and dip it into your cleaning solution. A hand-held soft bristle brush will help prevent scratches on the rims, but a stiffer brush might be necessary to really scrub the tires. Look for brushes that state that they are good for automotive uses and tires.

No multi-tasking. While you think it might be more efficient to wet down all the tires, then apply cleaner to all and rinse at one time, doing so might actually harm the tires. That’s because the longer the cleaner sits on the rubber, the more susceptible it is to drying out. This is true especially if you are working on a bright, sunny day. Always tackle one tire at a time, making sure to remove all cleaning residue, before moving on to the remaining tires.

Dress Up. After washing and rinsing, you might want to consider applying a wheel wax or tire dressing. Worldwide Janitor offers Super Blue Tire Dressing, which is a silicone-based tire product designed to protect tires from the sun’s ultraviolent rays, which can dry out and crack rubber objects.

A shiny finish line. To wrap up the tire cleaning process, consider polishing the metal to a mirror finish that will improve the overall appearance of the delivery vehicle. While there are various products in the marketplace designed for specifically for chrome, aluminum and stainless steel, the application process itself is remarkably the same. Simply spread the polish on the surface area and either rub to a bright shine or employ the use of a motorized, hand-held polisher for a professional finish. However, just a heads up: Hand polishing can be a tedious process that may take a chunk of time. A motorized product can save a lot of hassle – especially if time is at a premium as it is with most businesses.

By following this step-by-step process, employees will be ready to hit the road in no time at all. They can also be confident that they can make their deliveries take place on time in a sharp-looking, clean vehicle.

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