Tips for Keeping Commercial Restrooms Clean

86527816No one likes to clean bathrooms, but these are one of the most important areas of your business to maintain a safe, healthy standard of cleanliness. In fact, the toilet areas themselves are a place where you have an opportunity to make an important positive impression on customers.
Toilets impress customers? Absolutely.
A clean bathroom stall, including the toilet and /or urinal, speaks volumes about the care and attention put into the overall business operations. It makes customers comfortable and perhaps even more confident that they can rely on your company to provide excellent service or a solid product.
Of course, customers won’t actually exit the restroom facilities and tell you that, but it works, even if subconsciously.
The good news is that cleaning the toilet areas doesn’t have to be a time-consuming or toxic process. Armed with some preventative measures, a few reliable cleaning products, a couple of handy cleaning tricks and a dose of common sense, employees can be quick work of cleaning toilets.

Consider these tips that are practically guaranteed to provide your company with cleaner, fresher restroom facilities in no time at all:

Prep your space. Take a peek into the bathroom stalls to see what you are up against. Consider what cleaning products you’ll need to complete the job and what supplies will need to be replaced, then gather them up in one space. A janitorial cart is a handy tool to have around for this purpose.

First things first. Cleaning the toilet can be a disgusting chore. So, arm yourself and your employees with personal cleaning gear like latex gloves, protective eyewear and paper face masks, if employees are sensitive to some cleaning agents.

Get moving. Now that you’re ready to tackle the toilet, start by removing any toilet paper squares or other debris on the floor around the toilet.  Then, add a generous splash of a quality toilet cleaner to the toilet bowl. Worldwide Janitor has a number of quality cleaning options, including Cherry Bowl Cleaner, manufactured by Snee Chemical Company. This product removes stains, cleans toilet bowls and wipes out odors. If you have more stubborn stains, Worldwide Janitor also carries Powerguard Bowl Cleaner, which is a powerful bowl cleaning solution containing 26% hydrochloric acid. Take care to use personal protective equipment like gloves and safety glasses whenever handling cleaning products.

Tackle the tank. Now that the toilet bowl is being cleaned, grab a general cleaning product and wipe around the outside of the toilet. Make sure to use a cloth to clean the toilet surface and not a sponge. Sponges are ripe breeding grounds for all sorts of nasty bacteria to thrive, so they are not the ideal tool for cleaning toilets or urinals. Pay special attention to cleaning and disinfecting the toilet handle as well as the metal door handle and lock as these typically are areas filled with germs.

Finish the job. Go back to the toilet bowl and give it a good scrubbing with a professional toilet brush or wand. Then, turn your attention to the bathroom wall and, with a clean cloth, wipe it down thoroughly, making note of any areas of graffiti that needs to be removed. Re-stock the toilet paper rolls and/or air freshener dispensers.

Maintain cleanliness between cleanings. Choose the right cleaning product and you’ll be able to maintain a fresh restroom throughout the day, not just right after a scrub-down. The Cherry Bowl Cleaner from Worldwide Janitor cleans toilet bowls and urinals while Super Sana Blue keeps toilets sparkling clean and smelling fresh with every use. Urinal blocks and scented screens help take care of foul odors and urinal mats can keep the floor clean and slip-free.

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