Safety Tips Every Business Owner Should Know

125418780Maintaining a safe workplace for customers and staff members alike should be priority number one for all business owners. Taking the necessary steps to help people avoid injury, feel secure and prevent accidents will create not only a successful business environment, but a responsible one.
These days some people are more than happy to find fault with a company. If they don’t like the service, that can be dealt with internally. If a product does not meet expectations, they can return it. However, when a customer or employee is hurt on business property, there are serious legal ramifications that can come into play. Prevention is always the best option.
The approach a business owner takes to maintaining safety standards will likely be as unique as their company. However, many safety issues are easily preventable with some forethought, planning and a few quality janitorial supplies.

Signage rules. While you don’t want negative signs everywhere that scream “no this” or “don’t so that,” signage is definitely important to establish clear boundaries in your business. It is also important to alert customers to specific store policies or potential dangers. A good example of how important signage is occurs in situations such as when employees clean the floor. Before they even get started, make sure a “Caution Wet Floor” sign is prominently displayed. These signs are often available in bright yellow with red and black lettering with the message is delivered in a multi-lingual format with the imprinting on both sides.

Tape marks the spot. Use high-quality safety tape to mark off key areas of the business where caution should be observed at all times. Textured safety tape can also be used to add an extra layer of slip protection on floors. Janitorial suppliers like offer large quantities of black roll safety tape and white strip safety tape with a super strong adhesive. These tape rolls are appropriate for use in pool areas, stairways, industrial work areas, machine shops, lawn businesses, hazardous floor areas and any other location that calls for an added layer of safety and security.

Information is power. When customers are aware of potential safety hazards, they can take steps to protect themselves. Don’t overlook the importance of basic janitorial supplies like bright orange cones that clearly point out a potential hazard, like a spill that is in the process of being cleaned up.

Absorb the problem. It is a good idea to have an absorbing product on hand like Mint Absorbent. These products are designed to absorb spills and eliminate odors caused by vomit, urine and other foul-smelling liquids. These are accidents that can happen anytime, anywhere. Simply sprinkle a generous amount of absorbent on the affected area. Once the product has done its job and absorbed the liquid, sweep or vacuum it away.

Be protected. When exposed to bodily fluids such as vomit or urine, always have employees wear personal protective equipment such as latex gloves, face mask coverings and protective eyewear.

Get schooled. Training is essential for all employees. Whether they are operating heavy duty industrial equipment, handling a knife in the kitchen or using complex cleaning machines, the more training they have, the better.

Be clear about expectations when it comes to safety. Let employees know that being in a hurry is no reason to take safety shortcuts. A video on general safety practices is not enough anymore.

Let employees know how much you value them and want to keep them safe and healthy. Inform them about how their choices (such as not washing their hands after using the restroom) can have a devastating impact on others.

Show employees how to safely operate cleaning equipment and kitchen appliances by demonstrating and then give them a chance to try under your watchful eye. Post safety procedures in a highly visible area of the company and make sure the information includes local emergency contact numbers.

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