Effective Ways To Use Weed Killer

weed killerWeeds coming up through the cracks in sidewalks, crevices in the parking lot or even in gravel walkways can certainly be an eye sore to anyone entering your building. If the weeds are allowed to continue to grow they can cause damage to your sidewalks and parking lots. Thus it's important to address weeds quickly when you see them appearing on your property. Here are some tips on how to use weed killer effectively to keep those weeds at bay.

How does weed killer work?

Before using anything, it's always helpful to understand how a product works. Weed killer kills weeds by contact. Once contact has been made, the chemicals are absorbed by the plant. The chemical then quickly spreads throughout the plant bringing it to a dead state.

How to use weed killer effectively

Use a Chemical Resistant Sprayer. This is a pump to spray chemical sprayer. This is the easiest and most effective way to spray for weeds. Not only does a pressure sprayer make it easier to carry around the chemical, but it can also ensure an even spray. It also works great for getting those hard to reach spots.

Spray the leaves. It is oftentimes more effective to spray the leaves of the plant rather than the base of the plant. This is especially true when the weed is surrounded by other plants you don't want to kill. By spraying the chemical at the base, there is potential it could enter the soil and be absorbed by the other plants. Hence, a quick spray on the leaves will allow the chemical to be absorbed into the plants system and not cause harm to any other life nearby.

Consider the season. Weed killers are most effective when weeds are actively growing. Spring and summer are when most plants are flourishing. By spraying during these times, not only will it be more effective, but it will kill the weeds much faster.

Avoid rain. If rain is in the forecast the week you are going to spray, it is better to hold off for another week. Rain can wash off the chemicals making the time you spent spraying futile.

Be selective. Be selective when spraying weeds because weed killers are not selective. Weed killers are plant killers and thus can kill any plant it comes in contact with.

Follow instructions. Always follow the instructions on the bottle. This is especially important when it comes to diluting the solution, as too much chemical can do more harm than good. Another thing to consider is the type of weed such as annual weeds versus perennial weeds.

Avoid spreading to other plants. Avoid spraying on windy days or walking across areas that are not dry yet as this can spread weed killer on to plants you may not wish to kill. If you will be spraying around a heavily planted area, you may want to cover the area before you begin to spray in order to avoid accidental over spray.

Accidental spray. If you happen to spray a plant that you don't want treated with the weed killer, simply break off the branch or limb that has been sprayed. Simply washing off the chemicals will not do any good as the chemicals can still wash into the soil and be absorbed by the plant.

Take safety precautions. Avoid skin contact with the chemical. Always wear gloves, boots and a face mask when spraying for weeds. Also, make sure children and animals are at a safe distance. Give chemicals time to settle and dry before allowing children and animals back into area.

Selecting a weed killer. When it comes to selecting a good weed killer, it is important to look for a high percentage of Glyphosate. Glyphosate is the chemical that is absorbed by the weed. Once absorbed it quickly spreads throughout the plant and penetrates the root, thus killing the plant.

One such weed killer with a high percentage of Glyphosate is Compare N Save Weed & Grass Killer. This product is ideal when it comes to killing unwanted grass or weeds. It works quickly, in fact, within the first 24 hours after it‘s first application. It is also rainproof-up to 2 hours- which is great in case you get an unexpected rain shower after you sprayed. It also works great around parks, office buildings, shipyards, basements, stadiums and anywhere else you want get rid of unwanted plants.

Another product to consider is RM43 Total Vegetation Control. This is a little different than the weed killer mentioned above because this is for areas where you want barren soil or no vegetation at all. Such areas may include: fences, fuel tanks, railroads and certain areas around your facility. It also has a high percentage of Glyphosate meaning it is very effective in killing vegetation. It can inhibit plant life for a year or longer.

If you're tired of overgrown weeds ruining the appearance of your facility, follow these tips to effectively remove those unwanted visitors.

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