Who is Snee Chemical Company?

WorldwideJanitor.com is an online distributor for Snee Chemical Company products. Our line of Snee Chemical manufactured products are available in bulk sizes, some in sizes up to 55 gallon drums, giving every consumer the option to save money by purchasing in bulk.

Some of the more popular products you’ll see here are not available in any other online store, or even local stores for that matter. Many of these are industrial cleaning products for heavy commercial jobs, some classified as hazardous materials. Some popular examples are:

We chose to carry Snee Chemical products because they are one of the Gulf South’s oldest and most trusted manufacturers of janitorial, marine, and industrial products. Their products are well-known and popular along the Gulf Coast, and utilized throughout the world. Snee has been in business since 1947, and these products have withstood the test of time.


The high quality and limited online availability of Snee’s products, were a critical factor in us deciding to create WorldwideJanitor.com.

Source: https://worldwidejanitor.com/about-us-ezp-16

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