How to Disinfect Laundry

maid getting ready for cleaningProper disinfection of laundry can assist in avoiding illness, germs and other diseases that cause potential harm to you, your family or customers in your business. For many years, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the United States Department of Agriculture have studied how naturally-occurring compounds and man-made disinfectants can help disinfect laundry to keep homes and facilities clean, germ-free and healthy. Generally a combination of water temperature, specific disinfectant products and following manufacturer instructions can assist in keeping your laundry clean and healthy. Continue reading

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How to Keep Pests Under Control in a Variety of Work Areas

No Mosquito sign 2014 A3Insects and other pests can become a nuisance in almost any area. Not only on farms that raise animals and grow a variety of plants, but any facility that isn’t sealed tight at all times that attract visitors, also invites pests. Some pests are hard to get rid of, others can be dangerous to children and adults. To ensure the health of you, your visitors, animals, crops and lawn, consider a pest control products that meet the needs of your home or business. Please note: Because these products are designed to kill pests, Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is required while handling the products. Read the product instructions carefully before using. Continue reading

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How to Prepare for New Cleaning Clients

cleaningWhen your business wins a contract for a new cleaning client, it’s critical to prepare for the tasks ahead. If they hire you, it’s generally because the previous cleaning contractor didn’t do the job correctly. Being well prepared and taking the time to tackle potentially tough cleaning jobs will assist in getting ahead of the game, saving you time and money.

Inspect the Facility

Take the time to closely inspect the facility and ask the client where the problem areas are. It may be dust, vacuuming or general cleaning, but asking the client what they’re particular about may assist in your cleaning routine. While you do an inspection, find areas that may require additional cleaning services. Keep a list of it so you know what’s ahead for you. After your inspection, you know how much time and how many staff members on your cleaning crew can help you accomplish what needs to be done. Continue reading

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The Trend of Going Green

Carrying Green Cleaning SuppliesGreen cleaning has become an international trend to help protect the environment and people who have potential issues with harsh chemicals.  Other things, such as fragrances and products without a neutral pH balance can affect your respiratory system and those who have allergies. The products are generally biodegradable, non-toxic to humans and animals. They also contain no volatile organic compounds, often referred to as VOCs. VOCs are organic chemicals that can get into the air and cause potential harm at room temperature after evaporation. VOCs are often more concentrated in indoor environments.

Green products can also be used on a variety of surfaces that require aggressive cleaning agents, and do the job just as well. It’s important to look at the labels on the packaging of the product. Biodegradable means it won’t harm the environment once the product breaks down. It’s also useful if the product is stored in recyclable containers, further helping the environment.  Although there are no true industry standards or federal regulations for “green” products, the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) offers a variety of suggestions and labeling for products that live up to their standards. Continue reading

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How to Tackle Ice During the Cold Season

purple-heat-ice-melt.JPG.image.114x180Ice can be a nuisance for any business during cold weather. Not only does it make a mess of surfaces, it can also potentially cause slips, falls and even a law suit if not maintained properly. Ensuring your business’s property is well maintained and ice-free is critical for all those who come to your business site, not matter what type of business it is. With the cold approaching, it’s important to be prepared.

Have a Staff Ready to Tackle Ice and Snow at Anytime

No matter when your business operates, you’ll need staff to be on stand-by to help remove snow and ice during cold months. Plan ahead — assist your staff by providing overnight sleeping arrangements on-site, so they don’t have to travel in snow or icy conditions. Although your business may close in these circumstances, customers might try to stop by, even in the worst conditions. Simple necessities, such as blow up beds, pillows and blankets allows employees to spend the night in any area to tackle snow and ice as quickly as possible. Whether it be internal staff or an outside contract company, provide the basic necessities to make their job easier. Continue reading

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Cleaning to Prepare for Colder Weather

Worker with a leaf blowerCleaning when the weather gets cold can be tough, especially if the responsibilities are outside. Because many businesses tend to keep the heat low or off when no one is in the facility, it can also make cleaning and sanitizing the inside of the facility tougher for you as well. To make your job easier, consider several things before and during cold weather months.

While many clients want their environment clean and presentable, they don’t consider the consequences of not maintaining their systems to heat and cool the facility and keep their employees safe from germs and viruses. It’s your job to clean and kill germs, viruses and other potential dangers – but those dangers can also exist in systems used to heat and cool the facility. Continue reading

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How to Keep Grease at Bay

02 ad copy.jpg.image.178x300Grease can be an issue for a variety of businesses – whether it is an auto business or industrial kitchen, it can be a nuisance. Because these types of businesses tend to use grease on a daily basis, it’s important to keep it at bay. Grease, oil and other products can not only clog pipes, it can ruin surfaces such as concrete floors, asphalt, macadam and equipment used in the business. Not only can grease clog pipes and create a build up of dirt in certain areas, it leaves unpleasant odors.
Grease cleaners and other cleaning tips can assist in keeping grease at bay and assist in not ruining drains or other surfaces. Selecting the right product is important and Worldwide Janitor provides extensive information on each product. Continue reading

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How to Keep Dust Under Control

Woman with mop cleaning wooden floor from dust

Woman with mop cleaning wooden floor from dust

Every facility and home have areas that create a lot of dust. That leads to additional cleaning and extra time to keep the dust at bay. Dust often accumulates under heat and air conditioning vents and on other types of temperature-controlled units. That leads to accumulating dust on certain surfaces. There are several ways to keep the dust to a minimum. Maintaining certain equipment and using products to help control dust will allow you to keep your dust under control, no matter how often you clean. Continue reading

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How to Select a Cleaning Service for Your Business

Cleaning Carpet StainsThe cleaning business is a tough industry. Because of the competition and franchises, many businesses often select a cleaning service that offers the lowest price. Contracts are written with basic cleaning services, but it doesn’t mean all of the services are getting done. Selecting the right cleaning service and understanding how they operate can assist in making sure your facility is clean and sanitized. Not cleaning or sanitizing properly can lead to potential repercussions. Continue reading

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How to Tackle Tough Odors

CHA_5319.jpg.image.200x83Many businesses and facilities contain odors no matter how much they’re cleaned. Each business or other environment is unique. You can’t control how the facility runs its business or where the odors come from – but you can help keep the odors at bay. You can’t clean every time there’s a bad smell, but there are products to help assist with odors that may linger. You can also control them on a routine basis. Odors can potentially drive customers and employees away from your business. Consider using products that assist in keeping odors at bay or eliminating them.

These products shouldn’t be used to mask cleaning and sanitizing, but to assist in making a fresher, cleaner-smelling environment in all areas of a business. Cleaning and sanitizing is always important. Continue reading

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Buying Commercial and Industrial Cleaning Products

Cleaning kitchen countertopFinding the perfect cleaning products for your clients is important. Each client has different needs and require different cleaning products. You also have to consider your clients’ preferences regarding how their facility is cleaned. This can include a variety of cleaning products – whether they are “green”, aggressive or conventional products even used for household cleaning. Continue reading

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The Best Safety Tips for Any Service Business

Safety is a first priority for any business that provides services to customers — not only for the customers, but also for your employees. Precautions should be taken, no matter how small they seem to be. Not taking those precautions can lead to harmful circumstances, because some customers and employees don’t understand the importance of it. Keep your employees and customers in mind for all of your services.
Although you and your employees want to get the job done as quickly as possible, safety is the key to protecting everyone involved. As exciting as starting any service business is, it can require a lot of planning and preparation to ensure safety. Working in any service industry can involve many potential hazards – whether it be slip and falls, potential air pollutants or just general hazards. Continue reading

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Common Mistakes Made Cleaning Floors

wet floorMost contracts for commercial cleaning include cleaning floors on a routine basis. In large, and even small commercial and industrial facilities, floors undergo strenuous circumstances – this includes a lot of traffic, spills by customers and employees, marks from shoes, as well as other wear and tear. Although this is a standard issue in commercial cleaning, there are mistakes that make the task of floor cleaning even harder. As the saying goes for many types of businesses; “time is money”. Spending a few minutes to properly maintain floors can assist you in the long-run and keep your customers happy. Continue reading

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Contract Writing for the Commercial Cleaning Business

In the commercial cleaning business, the original contract is important. You want your clients happy. Clients may take advantage of your services by asking for additional tasks that are not on the contract. You’ll spend more time cleaning and less time making your business profitable. It’s critical for your contract to include all of your services in detail. Although some details seem like “common sense” – there’s always other things to consider. In the commercial cleaning business, clients don’t consider the time it takes to accomplish many tasks, which can cost your business money. Continue reading

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How Should I Bid for a One-Time Cleaning Project?

Business dealOften, clients will ask you to do specific tasks that are not in the cleaning contract and understand you will charge additional fees. Clients generally ask for a bid or proposal to do the job. A general rule-of-thumb in the industry is to bill “X” amount of dollars per square foot. In this every-changing industry and because of the economy, the potential to be outbid is highly likely. Many clients will simply go with the lowest bidder, even if the results of the work are poor. Consider several things to create a perfect proposal for a one-time cleaning project.

Continue reading

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The Incredible Uses of Denatured Alcohol

denatured-alcoholDenatured alcohol has a variety of uses. It’s referred to as “denatured” alcohol because it includes ingredients not made for consumption and toxic if consumed. Not only can it be used as a clean-burning fuel for marine and camping stoves, it works well as a cleaner and sanitizing agent in a variety of commercial and industrial environments. Because denaturing the alcohol doesn’t alter the ethanol molecule, it makes an excellent solvent for many other projects.

Worldwide Janitor’s Denatured Alcohol contains Isopropanol and Methanol and is sold in a case of four, 1-gallon bottles. Because it is considered a hazardous material, additional shipping costs will be added to the order when shipped via UPS. Our packaging of this product is the best cost saver for people looking to buy in bulk, large amounts at a time, having it shipped via a freight carrier. Continue reading

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How to Maintain Your Commercial Vacuums

kob U75.jpg.image.91x300Vacuum cleaners are often one of the most expensive purchases for any cleaning business. They’re often the one piece of equipment used daily or more frequently than other equipment. Depending on the environment the commercial vacuum is used, the vent can release musty smells because of the dust and debris it picks up over time. To extend the life of your commercial vacuum cleaners and lessen those smells, they should be properly maintained on a routine basis, which only requires a few simple steps. Continue reading

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The Many Uses of Ammonia

Pure AmmoniaAmmonia is a cheap cleaning agent that has many uses. This includes industries such as commercial cleaning, commercial kitchens, farming and other industrial facilities. Its pungent smell makes us not use it, but the smell dissipates in a short amount of time. Ammonia has gotten a bad rap, because it often does a better job than most cleaners, even when it’s diluted with water. Worldwide Janitor provides a complete line of ammonia products at wholesale prices, including Pure Ammonia and Odorless Ammonia.

Although ammonia is used and available in the commercial and retail industries, certain precautions should be taken. Never mix or store ammonia with bleach or any other chemical, as it will create toxic fumes. Do not breathe in the vapors of ammonia and always wear protective clothing when using it – especially gloves. PPE is recommended for Pure Ammonia. Always store ammonia in an area that requires key access. If you cannot store it in a locked area, label the bottle as toxic so no one else uses it, such as employees at your client site. To ensure the safety of your clients and their employees, keep the product off site. Because Pure Ammonia is considered a hazardous material, shipping will require additional fees. Continue reading

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How to Train Your Employees to Save You Money

Professional cleaners dusting wooden furitureMost commercial, janitorial and house cleaning companies require employees to work at different clients’ sites. As the business owner, you or your managers can’t be at every client location at once. Worldwide Janitor’s library touches on topics such as “How to Use Dilution Ratios” and training employees. There are other ways to save your business time and money to ensure your employees are trained and do the job properly, whether you or your clients pay for the cleaning products. Continue reading

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The Astonishing Benefits of Natural Pine Oil

Pinus Fyrreslgten Pine Beintbaam Sosna Sosna Pino PinPine oil comes from pine tree needles, including the dwarf pine, long leaf pine, Scotch pine and Norway pine. The pine oil is extracted through steam distillation of the fresh needles from these trees. Pine oil has been known for centuries for its many uses. It can be used as a cleaner, disinfectant, air freshener and insect repellent. Some of our customers in particular, say that it “works amazing for fly problems,” – knocking them right out of the air, and keeping them at bay because they hate the smell of it so much.

You may remember pure pine oil in your grandmother and great-grandmother’s cupboard for cleaning. Commercialization of pine oil over the years in different cleaning products has greatly reduced the understanding of the benefits of pure pine oil because of the multitude of products with different concentrations, and in some cases, artificial perfumes – that have no actual pine oil at all. Good, old-fashioned pine oil can still be used in a variety of applications more effectively than other cleaners, even in today’s world.

The history of pine oil speaks for itself. The development of pine oil cleaning products started as early as the 1920s. Commercialization of pine oil cleaning products started as early as the 1950s. Today, most commercial “pine” products contain about 3% pine oil or have no pine oil in them at all – only pine scented perfumes. Very few products on the market today include pine oil as an active ingredient, although they advertise “pine” in their logos.

Although no cleaning product is free of hazards;  pine oil is generally safe if used properly. Like any other heavy-duty cleaner, precautions should be taken when using pine oil. Read the directions for each product carefully and follow the suggestions on how to use pine oil. Continue reading

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